4 Considerations Before Upgrading Your Fridge

When you undertake a kitchen renovation, you have plenty of things to think about. You might need to choose a new layout for your kitchen or select new kitchen benchtops. But one of the most important-and often overlooked-tasks is to upgrade your refrigerator.

In many ways, your fridge is the heart of your kitchen. It stores the food that sustains your family’s life, and you likely open it many times a day. So why not choose a better fridge that fits your home’s new style?

Here are four things to consider as you choose your new fridge.

1. Design

Not every fridge comes in the exact same style. In fact, you have many exciting fridge design options for your new appliance:

  • Top mount: Many people consider this the classic fridge design, with the freezer on top and the fridge on bottom. Top-mount fridges usually cost the least both to purchase and to run. Since top mount is the most common design, you can choose from many different makes and models.
  • Bottom mount: Some people prefer having the freezer on the bottom because they don’t have to bend down to get food from the fridge. This model is often more expensive, though.
  • Side-by-side: If you want to maximise your freezer space, you’ll benefit from a side-by-side design. But this fridge design does take up more space in your kitchen. And because the freezer is narrow, it might not fit larger items like frozen pizzas.
  • French door: For the ultimate storage space, choose a French door fridge design. This way, you have a large two-door fridge and a bottom-mount freezer. This design can cost more and takes up a lot of space.

Once you choose the right fridge layout, it’s time to consider its size.

2. Size

A smaller fridge may fit perfectly in your cosy kitchen, or you may need a larger fridge for your growing family.

If you have just one or two people at home, choose a fridge that holds between 250 and 285 L. If you have three to four people in your family, choose a fridge between 342 and 450 L. If you have five or more people in your family, you’ll need a fridge that holds more than 450 L.

Also, make sure that the measurements of your fridge fit in its designated kitchen space. Measure the height and length of the space and choose a new fridge that will fit in those dimensions.

3. Colour

Now, personalise your fridge with a colour that matches your kitchen’s design. There are just a few main colour choices.

  • White steel: White matches just about everything, and it’s usually the least expensive choice. White fridges are very common, though, which may inspire you to try something new.
  • Stainless steel: Many people choose stainless steel because it looks modern and professional. The one downside of stainless steel is that it shows fingerprints and smudges.
  • Black: Since black fridges are far less common than white ones, a black fridge will definitely stand out. But keep in mind that black can darken your kitchen.

Now that you know what your fridge will look like, don’t forget about choosing an environmentally friendly appliance.

4. Energy Efficiency

Before you settle on a certain fridge, make sure it works efficiently. The lower the energy label number, the less your fridge will cost to run. Small top-mount and bottom-mount fridges cost the least. Compare the energy ratings of different refrigerator makes and models before making your final choice.

You may want to add extra features such as an icemaker or a water dispenser. While these features are convenient, they may increase your fridge’s energy use by 14 to 20 percent.

These considerations should get you started on choosing the perfect fridge for your newly renovated kitchen. If you have more questions about choosing a fridge, talk to one of our kitchen renovation specialist.

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