5 Inspirational Kitchens From Around The World

Kitchen aesthetics in many Australian homes invigorates simplicity, tranquility and warmth. However, sometimes it is fun to step out of the norm and play with innovative concepts from around the world – whether you want to show off you’re a globetrotter or simply spice-up the style.

Some design ideas from different countries you should consider for your next kitchen renovation include:

1. Asian
Asian inspired kitchens feature ample room space for comfortable preparation of meals. However, the surface area for dining and other purposes is often limited. This is due to the style’s focus on cooking functionality and sensibility. Fortunately, the practicality doesn’t have a negative impact on aesthetic appeal. Many kitchens offer elegant fixtures and decorations to showcase Asia’s rich culture. For instance, modern Japanese-style kitchens still use natural materials such as bamboo as it is an important element in traditional Japanese homes.

2. Italian
Italian kitchens are known for their inviting atmosphere. They use warm colours and textured materials on cabinets and walls to achieve their appeal. An Italian kitchen is also organised in a manner wherein individuals can feel sense of closeness. This is often accomplished by attaching the kitchen island with the cooking area.

3. French
The modern French style highlights a bold colour scheme on countertops and storage cabinets. However, the audacious appearance is softened by the neutral walls and tiles. If you are looking for warmth, replace the loud colours with their light coloured counterparts.

4. North American
A typical North American kitchen is simple. It features monochromatic colour for the kitchen island, walls and cabinet fixtures. The flooring is usually in hardwood but can also be in tiles. Its prominent characteristic is that there is enough space for all of the kitchen equipment and utensils.

5. South American
South American style is completely different than North American kitchens. It has a lot of character due to its common use of tiles in striking patterns along the walls and on top of counterparts. For a modern rustic appeal, many homeowners replace the tiles with stained hardwood.

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