Modern, Vintage or Eclectic? What Your Kitchen Says About You

When you step inside your kitchen, do you feel happy to be there-or do you want to spend as little time possible as in the room?

Kitchens are often described as the “heart” of any home. But if your kitchen design makes your heartache, then you probably have the wrong design for your personality.


Kitchen Psychology

To really understand why your kitchen (or any other room)affects you the way it does, pay attention to psychological factors before you undertake a large-scale renovation. Most homeowners tend to neglect psychology of design in favour of physical design.

While physical design plays a critical role, psychology also matters. Before you pick out paint colours or cabinet designs, stop a moment. Take out a pencil and paper and write down those things you hated or liked about your previous home or flat.

For instance, if you consider yourself a sensitive or sentimental person, you may seek warm colours, wood grain cabinets and rustic stone elements that remind you of nature.

If you are a no-nonsense personality, you may prefer a monochromatic kitchen with clean, modern lines and hiding places for appliances. And if you have a fear of closed spaces, you probably dislike galley kitchens or sinks that’s it far away from windows.


Common Kitchen Designs and Personalities

If you’ve ever stepped inside a designer kitchen at a home show and felt uncomfortable in some way, chances are that you reacted to the room’s personality. The cabinetry may look beautiful, and the flooring may appear beyond reproach-but you still see or sense something that you don’t like.

Meanwhile, you may find yourself pinning the same room design elements again and again on Pinterest. But what do these styles say about you? Why does one style match your personality more than other styles?

To help you understand and then decide on a style, read more about the following common kitchen designs.


Modern Kitchens

If you feel drawn to stainless steel appliances and all-black or all-white kitchens with minimal accessories, you’re likely an organised, efficient person who values critical thinking, cleanliness and order. You like to keep a tidy kitchen at all times, and you dislike overly fussy designs.

Homeowners who favour modern design often appreciate bold and sophisticated architecture. They also value practicality and ease of maintenance.

Most people who choose a modern kitchen are left-brain thinkers who want a purely utilitarian kitchen. No mess, no fuss!


Vintage Kitchens

If you gravitate toward a vintage kitchen style, you likely have a warm, sentimental personality. You may find it difficult-if not impossible-to throwaway important mementos from the past. You have an interest in history and may be drawn to a particular design era.

Colours and textures also make you feel at home. You want to enhance your space’s mood by including luxurious materials or warm colours on the splashbacks. Whether you choose timber flooring or not, you feel drawn to any material that adds to the vintage ambience of a by-gone era.

In sum, the vintage kitchen personality is all about warmth, cosy comfort and sentimentality.


Eclectic Kitchens

If you are creative and right-brained-especially if you have trouble narrowing your preferences to just one theme-then the eclectic style matches your personality perfectly.

Eclectic persons enjoy combining style elements from different periods, such as a French Country armoire on one corner and a stainless steel refrigerator in the other corner.

Eclectic kitchens may also feature elements from the homeowner’s travels. An Italian tapestry may hang on the wall next to the breakfast nook. British crockery may line the open armoire shelves. The biggest challenge for eclectic personalities involves finding a sense of cohesion in the kitchen design.

Remember, eclectic personalities value variety, personality and colour.


Kitchen Advice

Regardless of your personality, you can find a kitchen to match. By paying attention to kitchen psychology before you begin your renovation, you’ll enjoy the results more than you might otherwise.

Contact your kitchen professionals for advice on your kitchen remodel. And enjoy your new space!

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