17 Essential Hacks For Your New Kitchen

Home cooks rejoice, with these 17 essential kitchen hacks, you’ll be saving time, money and patience in your kitchen from here on in!

Keep Your Potatoes White

Your potatoes will turn a grey colour when they are cut and oxidise. To prevent this from happening, simply cover your chopped potatoes with cold water before cooking. Easy!

Stop The Brown Guac 

To prevent your guacamole from going brown, just give it a little spray with cooking oil.

Ripen That Green Avo

Have an unripe avo?  Wrap it in foil, rest on a baking sheet and pop into a preheated oven at 200 degrees for ten minutes or so.

Prevent Cut Fruit From Browning

Using a squeeze of lemon is a great way to keep your cut apples from browning but isn’t always palatable with the younger members of the family.  Mix one party honey with two parts water to achieve a similar outcome.  The honey will slow down discolouring.

Peel Eggs In One Quick Step

Half fill an old Tupperware container with cold water. Pop in your boiled eggs, close the lid tightly and then shake vigorously for ten seconds.  Pour out the water and the shells should just slide right off.

Brown Sugar Hardening

Stop your brown sugar from hardening in storage by popping an orange peel or slice of apple in the container.

Never Have A Cloudy Cube Again

Boil your water before freezing it in your ice cube tray and you will have a crystal-clear ice cube instead of a cloudy one.

Slice Cheese With Ease

Use dental floss to slice soft cheeses to avoid squishing them in the process!

Prevent The Boil Over

Stop your pot from boiling over by place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot.

No Onion Tears

To prevent crying when chopping up onions, freeze your onion before slicing.

Chill Wine Without Diluting

Cool down your glass of vino without watering it down.  Simply pop in a few frozen grapes into your glass like you would ice cubes.

Perfectly Poached

To keep your poached eggs in a perfect shape, sock the eggs in white vinegar for several minutes before breaking them open.

Clean Your Microwave

Soak a sponge in water and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes.  The steam from the sponge will loosen up the crusty bits in your microwave so you can easily wipe away.

Keep The Coffee Grounds

Don’t throw away those old coffee grounds. Use them as a fertiliser for your garden – tomatoes in particular will grow faster.

Prevent Brown Bananas

Wrap the stem of your banana in plastic wrap or foil to keep the banana yellow for longer.

Resuscitate Your Wooden Chopping Board

When your wooden chopping board has seen better days, scrub it with course salt and then give it a rub with half a lemon to get rid of old food particles and smells.

Chop Herbs With Your Pizza Cutter

Make short work of finely chopping herbs with a trusty pizza cutter.  Just roll back and forth over the herbs until you get the size you desire.


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