3 Clever Kitchen Design Tips To Increase Space

Of all the rooms that need a significant amount of space, the kitchen remains perhaps the most important. A cluttered kitchen only leads to difficulty preparing food. Use these 3 clever kitchen design tips to increase space in your kitchen!

You can try remodelling to improve kitchen space, but you also have other options. A minor remodelling job, such as removing part of a wall, can make a huge difference. Methods for organisation or de-cluttering also increase kitchen space. The following information expands on each of these options.


1. Remove a Wall

Remove a wall, or part of a wall, to achieve one of the most effective space improvement strategies. This strategy doesn’t just make the room look bigger-it also brings more light into the space.

Or, if you decide to only take out half of the wall, you can also turn the lower half into an extra shelf.

To remove the wall, don’t forget to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Ensure your wall does not support the framework, otherwise you could collapse your house.
  • Step 2: Cover up the area with large plastic sheets. Pay particular attention to all entrances/exits into the kitchen and cover them up. This covering will prevent debris and dust from leaving the room.
  • Step 3: Turn off the power leading to that area of the home. You don’t want to electrocute yourself on any power lines running through the wall.
  • Step 4: Now the fun part. Take a large hammer and enjoy taking out your frustration on the condemned wall. If you want a half wall, you will still need to take the entire wall out and then rebuild.
  • Step 5: Clear the debris. Cap off the ends of any loose wires to maintain electrical safety. Or, if you worry about safety, consult with a contractor.
  • Step 6: Rebuild the half-wall if necessary. Some often choose to install large cupboards instead of a wall to maximise storage space.

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2. Organise Your Kitchen

Many homeowners lack space in the kitchen simply due to a lack of organisation. To help you maximise your kitchen space, use these helpful tips:

  • Hang everything that you can: You can hang knives, spatulas, pans, spice racks and much more from your walls or other areas in your kitchen.
  • Use layered shelving: Shelves give you a lot of useful room, so find extra spots for more shelves. Even a single shelf at the back of your counter provides an extra layer of organisational space.
  • Use in-wall appliances: Place appliances, such as the microwave, in the wall or under/around cupboards to keep them from taking up your counters.
  • Find retractable counter space: Sometimes you can create retractable counter space that slides in and out beneath your counter. While this feature won’t allow free movement through the kitchen, it can prove useful while you cook.

Follow each of these tips, and you will never lack the elbow room you need.


3. Remove Unnecessary Clutter

Sometimes organisation is not enough, and you need to de-clutter instead. Try the following:

  • Keep only kitchen items: Don’t store office items, toys or any other irrelevant belongings in your kitchen.
  • Store unused items: Look through everything you have. If you haven’t used an object in over a month, store it elsewhere or get rid of it.
  • Clean: Of course, the most important way to remove clutter involves cleaning after each use. Avoid a dirty kitchen whenever possible. Dishes and food debris will take up unnecessary space and ruin the room’s aesthetic.

Of course, even if you remove a wall, organise and de-clutter, you may still need more space. In that circumstance, you probably need to look at a new kitchen design for your space. Contact our kitchen design team to see how we can help to transform your kitchen!

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