The Insider’s Guide to Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovation projects can be exciting.

They’re also a very challenging project to tackle and you’ll need to achieve a balance between form and function. This is why a well-designed kitchen goes beyond pretty finishes.

With planning and a bit of creativity, you can easily make a functional and inviting space. To get you started, from design to maximising your budget, here’s the insider’s guide to kitchen renovations:

Create a budget

It’s the cardinal rule of any renovation project. Creating a budget is important as there are many items to consider. Ideally, the budget should be as follows (approximately):

  • Hardware and cabinetry – 30%
  • Installation and labour – 15%
  • Ventilation and appliances – 15%
  • Kitchen countertops – 10%
  • Contingency fund for emergencies and repairs – 30%

Keep your priorities in line and weigh up different options. Choose where you want to splurge and save. Consider your existing pieces such as furniture and fixtures, so you can reuse them to save money.

Efficiency is always key

A kitchen should not feel like you are running through an obstacle course. It should be an organised workspace. To give you an idea of how to plan your renovation, here are two basic layouts:

  • Workstation – This layout puts priority on areas for cleaning, cooking, food preparation and baking near major appliances. Each area needs at least 15 inches of counter space with each spot spaced evenly apart.
  • Work triangle – the work triangle is where place the three most common work sites the most efficient distance apart, with no obstructions between them. These work sites usually include the refrigerator, the sink and benchtop and the cooktop.


A brighter kitchen for brighter days

Proper lighting helps keep your kitchen efficient and inviting. Overhead and countertop lights keep the flow of light balanced inside the space and make it easier to work. LED bulbs can make your food look more appetising and are more economical to use. You can also make your kitchen brighter by installing lights below the counter.


Be smart when choosing appliances

Modern appliances may be packed with state-of-the-art features but do not let them fool you. It’s better to pay attention to these tips:

1. Shop for refrigerators and dishwashers with Energy Star ratings. They’ll help you save money in the long run.

2. Look for accessible and easy-to-grip control knobs when shopping for new kitchen appliances.

3. Fingerprint-resistant finishes, tempered-glass appliance shelves and sealed stovetop burners are some of the features you should consider as these can reduce cleaning time.

4. Choose appliances with safety features to avoid untoward accidents. Don’t forget to install a range hood to improve the ventilation inside the kitchen.

De-clutter and maximise your storage spaces

One of the most important design elements in your renovation project is storage space. This can de-clutter your kitchen and keep everything organised. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards can help add more room in your kitchen. Sliders are also popular options on cupboards and cabinets.

Need more help designing your kitchen? For more kitchen design ideas and advice, visit the Kitchen Connection website.

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