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Key Criteria For Kitchen Flooring

There are so many other exciting aspects to designing a new kitchen. Benchtops, lighting and cabinetry are always first in people’s minds with flooring often overlooked.

However, with your kitchen flooring one of the most used areas of your new space – it’s important to consider your flooring before you start the design process.

Before finalising your kitchen flooring, consider the following:

  • Does the floor that I want fit with the look and style of my kitchen?
  • Can the flooring be replaced or easily repaired if it breaks or is damaged?
  • Does this flooring suit the climate?
  • How cleanable is this flooring – does that fit with my lifestyle?

Armed with that knowledge, our design team recommends the following:

Be Practical.

Glossy finishes on tiles and flooring might look fabulous but isn’t so practical in wet areas. Consider the slip factor of your flooring and be practical about how you need your flooring to service your kitchen area.

Aim For Durability.

Your kitchen floor is going to be a high impact area. From constant foot traffic to dropping plates and the scraping of chairs – your floor is going to need to be durable.

When shopping around for flooring, be sure to ask about the longevity of the floor, its resistance to heat, UV, staining etc and the most important question – how easily it can be repaired if something does unfortunately go wrong.

Consider Noise Implications.

Particularly important for apartment owners where there may be body corporate regulations around noise and building materials.

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