Pros and Cons of a Kitchen Island With Sink

The addition of a kitchen island is often a staple amongst kitchen designers due to the aesthetic and functional benefits of the piece. For some homeowners, they may also decide to install a sink on the island. This add-on has its pros and cons depending on how you use your kitchen.

Below is a detailed discussion on whether a sink on the kitchen island is something you would like to have.


Pro – Functionality

The sink is one of the most used fixtures of your kitchen. This is where you clean your ingredients and wash utensils after each meal. Installing a sink on your kitchen island can do wonders to your food preparation.

This centralised prep area means you can easily transfer raw ingredients from your fridge to the island. Once everything is ready to be cooked, you can transfer them to the stove area from the island.


Pro – Open work area

Another benefit of installing a sink in the centre island is that its open four sides. This allows you to socialise with people while preparing ingredients or washing dishes. It also allows other people to assist you in preparing the ingredients in comparison to doing this on a counter top.


Con – Appearance

The main downside of a sink in the centre island is how it can influence your kitchen’s appearance. Heavy usage of the centre island can lead to hard to remove stains or grime. These stains are much more pronounced compared to a corner or counter top sink.


ConReduced space

A sink can also occupy a large portion of the centre island table. It may limit your options in what you can place on the centre island. These include electrical appliances such as a mixer, coffee maker or blender.

The pros and cons mentioned above should help you decide if a sink within the centre island fits your kitchen design. If you do decide to install a sink, Kitchen Connection can make this fixture work with your kitchen layout. Get in touch with their top kitchen designers today by calling 1800 660 691.

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