Seven Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Inspire

The most renovated spaces in the home are the bathroom and kitchen – and for good reason. Both spaces can date easily and feature appliances that tend to wear quickly. Making the kitchen more user friendly ensures you and your family can enjoy the space to the fullest and increases the overall value of your home. The following are just seven different renovation ideas to inspire you!

1. Hidden storage

The one thing we all need most in the kitchen is more storage! Now, there are hundreds of storage ideas that ensure everything is efficient and out of the way. Whether you are looking at storage that goes up the wall and makes use of your whole space or drawers and compartments hidden inside cupboards, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the space you have.

 2. Open plan living

Many older kitchens are cordoned off from the rest of the house. Rather than have the kitchen as an enclosed space, why not open it up to the dining and living room? Turning it into one complete space can open up the rooms and encourage conversation within the household. It can also modernise the home and increase its resell value.


3. Corner cupboards

Traditionally, the corners in your kitchen are the most awkward places for storing crockery and pots and pans. With corner cupboards, you gain precious space, making it easier to use and maintain. The idea of corner cupboards is that they open in a V shape, removing the corners and freeing up space for storage.

4. Breakfast bar

There is nothing like cooking while someone sits and talks with you. It’s also handy to have a space to enjoy socialising and having a drink or two. A breakfast bar is a great way to invite people into the kitchen without anyone getting in the way! Although it is a larger project, it will be well worth the time and money.

 5. Chalkboard wall

The kitchen is often a place filled with lists, appointments and notes. Rather than having pads and pens scattered on the table, free up some space in a stylish and modern way by investing in a chalkboard sticker or chalkboard paint. Use as much or as little as you want and set up a square where you and the rest of the household can leave messages, important dates and shopping lists!


6. Different kinds of lighting

The lighting in a room can make a huge difference as to how it looks. If you are on a budget or only want a small change with big results, changing up the lighting is a great option. Consider accent lighting to bring out architectural features and task lighting to illuminate important work spaces.

 7. Stone benchtops

Laminate is a great option for those who want something affordable and durable, but if you are looking to upgrade to something beautiful that will last a lifetime, stone is a great choice. Available in a variety of finishes and offering that luxurious look many people dream of, stone is a great renovation project for the kitchen.

For more kitchen design ideas or help bringing them to life, talk to the experts at Kitchen Connection today.

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