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There are many benefits to a new kitchen.  Obviously a new kitchen space creates a whole new design look and dynamic for your home, however, investing in a kitchen renovation should also mean greater storage space and usability of your kitchen zone.

Our kitchen design tip shares the top 4 signs that suggest it’s time for a new kitchen.

Your kitchen is cluttered

The first sign that a kitchen has inadequate storage is clutter.   In an space that is functional, there is minimal clutter as everything has a rightful place.  Overflowing Tupperware drawers, a pantry that is stacked to the hilt and a kitchen benchtop that is storing all the items that can’t fit anywhere else is not ideal!

Your kitchen isn’t enjoyable

They say the kitchen is the hub of the home for good reason.  It should be a space where you can cook, create and spend time with the family.  A cluttered and cramped kitchen will be frustrating. Similarly a kitchen that lacks the conveniences of modern appliances and technology won’t foster your bent for creative cooking.

If your kitchen is more stress than culinary finesse, that could be a good sign that the space isn’t working for you.

You shy away from entertaining

If your kitchen is embarrassing or something you aren’t proud of, quite simply, you won’t want to entertain in it.  Some of the best moments in life involve good company and good food so ensuring your kitchen space encourages social interaction is a must do.

Your storing appliances in other areas of your home

Yes if you’re stashing kitchen appliances and items away in other areas of your home– that’s an obvious sign that your kitchen storage doesn’t meet your lifestyle needs.  The latest kitchen technologies are extremely good at maximising storage space – you will be amazed how well you can improve your storage in existing spaces using clever tools like drawer dividers, under sink and vertical storage tools.

If you can relate to any (or all!) of these points above, it might just be time to take advantage of our free kitchen design appointments.  Book your kitchen design appointment here.

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