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We get excited about kitchen styling and renovations like everyone else gets excited about Friday afternoons. If there’s any news or developments in the kitchen design world, we pounce on it. We wanted to show you what we’ve discovered and how exciting this is for the future of Kitchen remodeling and decorating!

Houzz is a US based online home remodeling and design platform that allows you to visualize your dream home … and have a sticky beak into what professional interior designers are up to. Houzz hosts the largest database of home photos and lookbooks to inspire, showcase products and appliances as well as share design ideas.

As a hub for those keen for a kitchen makeover, a newly published Houzz survey indicated why kitchens are the next hot spot for renovations and winning features as well designs better left in the past.

The results reflect what customers want, with 94% admitting they would ditch their current kitchen countertops. The majority (32%) of users lists a chef’s stove as their dream appliance while 79% want a stylish revamp and listed improving the look and feel of their kitchen as the highest priority. Does this sound like you?

If you’ve considered remodeling or revamping your kitchen and Houzz has given you the inspiration to give it a go, visit or call a Kitchen Connection today and one of our specialized designers can have a chat about your goals. We can help you visualize the kitchen you want with our Kitchen Wizard step-by-step virtual kitchen simulator.

Create your new kitchen online through Kitchen Wizard here

To read more of the Houzz kitchen survey results click here.

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