Not Quite White

We’ve said on many occasions that white kitchens are timeless and will forever remain on trend. White works with all size kitchens and with all types of designs. Having a white kitchen design, however, doesn’t mean your space has to be void of colour.

Using colour accents and finishing touches, your neutral kitchen need not be all white.  Here are some easy tips for ensuring your white kitchen design has maximum impact.

Mix Up Your Handles

Dress up your white kitchen cabinetry with accent handles. For pure elegance go for black or use brushed nickel handles for a subtle metallic finish that is less common than standard stainless steel.

Colour Your Grout

Add depth to your white tile splash back with darker coloured grout.


Use black tapware and accessories

Black sinks, taps and mixers look great offset against a white kitchen base.


Add texture with timber

Introduce timber subtly into your kitchen through stools, décor or even cabinet finishes. The natural fibres of timber will warm up your space without taking away from the sophistication of your white colour palette.


Pick your paints

Use a wall colour that is slightly darker than your white kitchen cabinetry to make your kitchen design really stand out.


Use feature lighting

Feature lighting and pendants are a great way to introduce warmth and depth to white kitchens. Depending on your style concrete, matt blacks, coppers and metallic finishes all look great offset against a white background.

Know your vein

We love the current Caesarstone range, which allows home owners to introduce a subtle marble vein into the Benchtop. Apart from looking luxe, a soft vein running through your Benchtop will help break up a pure white kitchen and draw attention to any island spaces.

Pictured: Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo

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